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Punching to Profit: Maximising Event Revenue in Fight Sports

Discover how a fight sports gym earned an additional $15,000 in revenue with a simple live streaming strategy.


Last-Minute Livestream:

With just days until their final Fight Night of the year, Vidzing was approached by a well-known fight gym wanting to livestream their event. They thought it would be too late...

In today's digital age, live streaming has become a powerful tool for generating event revenue. It allows organizers to reach a wider audience beyond the physical venue, opening up new opportunities for monetization.


Just a few easy steps and they were ready to go:

They already had an AV team and were filming the whole event, so setting up a live stream on Vidzing was the easy part. 

Within 30 minutes they were ready to sell - we had the stream set up, landing page ready and payment system connected - all that was left was letting their customers know.


Widening the Audience, Boosting the Bottom Line:

In just one weekend, with only a few days of advertising, this fight sports gym brought in an additional $15,000 in revenue - and each time they come back and stream with Vidzing, this number keeps growing! 

Don't wait for the final round! Unleash the power of live streaming for your next event. Contact Vidzing today and see how we can help you knock out your revenue goals!