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Sleep, Stress, Success: How One Studio Made Wellness On-Demand (and Boosted Their Bottom Line)

Do busy schedules and limited reach sound familiar? In today's fast-paced world, many yoga studios face the challenge of attracting new audiences and keeping existing clients engaged, especially with increasingly short attention spans and competing demands.

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A dedicated yoga studio wanted to help people improve their sleep, stress, and energy levels, all from the comfort of their own home.


Here's their winning formula:

Problem: Busy lives, limited time and difficulty reaching new audiences kickstarted a yoga studios mission to improve sleep, stress and energy levels.

Solution: Offering flexible on-demand wellness courses of varying lengths and difficulties, combining yoga, meditation, and breathwork to improve wellbeing.

Outcome: Increased engagement, improved well-being, expanded reach and a new revenue stream through course sales. 

Approach: Create an on-demand course library where customers could easily access their wellness content from anywhere. The studio offered three tiers for each of the three wellness pillars, Introductory (2 weeks), Intermediate (4 weeks) and Comprehensive (6 weeks), each with a daily videos which incorporate a variety of practices with a holistic approach to wellbeing. This expanded their customer base, while also offering their current in person clients a new option to include in their wellness routine.


Fuelling wellbeing for all:

Their carefully crafted library fit different needs and schedules, welcoming customers craving flexible paths to well-being. This story shows how embracing innovative ideas and being adaptable can make your studio truly thrive.

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