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Unlocking Income Potential: A Coach’s Success Story

Feeling geographically limited and yearning to reach more clients? You're not alone. But what if you could transcend distance barriers and tap into a lucrative global market?

The answer? Online Webinar Group Training.

Webinar Coaching

Embrace the power of scalability and efficiency - one coach did just that, skyrocketing their income by $30,000 in just one year!

Here's their winning formula:

The Problem: Limited reach and earning capacity due to geographical constraints.

The Solution: Embracing online webinar group training via structured 6-week challenges to transcend distance barriers and engage previously inaccessible clients.

The Outcome: One coach achieved a remarkable $30,000 income in the first year by offering services to previously unreachable clients.

The Approach: Conducting 6-week challenges with weekly one-hour webinars, accommodating multiple clients simultaneously. Priced at $200 per challenge with a limit of 10 participants, each challenge yielded $2000 revenue.

Running 3 challenges concurrently over a 6-week period, the coach invested 18 hours in client-facing teaching, resulting in substantial income growth. This successful model was replicated five times in the year, resulting in an annual income of $30,000.

Imagine reaching clients around the world, impacting more lives, and growing your income exponentially. With online group training, you can! 

P.S. This is just one success story. With creativity and dedication, you can tailor this model to fit your unique niche and expertise. If you want to hear more about Vidzing for Webinar Group Coaching, let us know below!

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