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Travel the World While You Flow: Building a $10k Online Yoga Business with an iPhone

With just an iPhone and a love for yoga, learn how this passionate yoga teacher traded the confines of a traditional yoga studio for breathtaking backgrounds around New Zealand. 

Pacific Yogaflow

Embracing the digital age, this yoga teacher created a beautiful channel on Vidzing, offering yoga classes and meditations accessible anytime, anywhere. This innovative approach eliminated geographical barriers, unlocked a global audience, and generated income regardless of their location or access to a studio.


Here's their winning formula:

Problem: Limited earning potential offering only in person yoga classes, due to time and geographical constraints plus frequency of travel.

Solution: Creating on-demand video content to offer in a subscription or as a short term rental, which means revenue regardless of where the teacher is and if they have access to their studio.

Outcome: One yoga teacher is just short of her first $10,000 by offering a subscription to her on-demand videos shot all around New Zealand, tapping into a whole new revenue stream.

Approach: Every month the yoga teacher uploads at least one video shot in a new, beautiful location. The videos range from 5 minute meditations to 50 minute full yoga classes, and are all shot on an iPhone. The subscriptions are $29.99 per month, and give customers access to a library of nearly 20 videos.

They are now also offering week-long video rentals as an alternative, aiming to encourage customers to get a taster before subscribing. All of the success so far has been through word of mouth, with plans to start marketing very soon.


Find your flow, find your freedom:

This yoga teacher's story is an inspiration for any entrepreneur wanting to overcome limitations and use digital tools to connect with their audience. So, unroll your mat, grab your device, and start shooting, because you could be on your way to your first $10k!

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