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30 Days of Movement: How a Yoga Challenge Reached New Clients (and Revenue)

Ever feel like your students struggle to fit yoga into their busy lives? Time constraints, location barriers, and unrealistic expectations often leave them feeling defeated before they even begin?

This yoga teacher knew they had to offer something more accessible, something that fit seamlessly into their existing routines.

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This yoga teacher created a 30-day online yoga challenge on Vidzing, designed to combat these barriers head-on and empower their students to move, no matter where they were or how much time they had.


Here's their winning formula:

Problem: This yoga teacher found that people struggle to fit in daily movement due to time, location constraints, and unrealistic expectations.

Solution: Hosting an online 30 day yoga challenge to encourage people to fit movement into their daily routine, even if it's just 10 minutes.

Outcome: 50 people signed up to the challenge at $30, resulting in $1,500 revenue, and customers were able to get a realistic amount of movement in from anywhere at any time.

Approach: The challenge consisted of 2 live zoom sessions per week, along with a library of mobility, flexibility and strength workouts. The teacher invested 2 hours per week in zoom classes, along with 2.5 hours of on-demand additional content, amounting to around 10 hours of teaching time for the additional revenue. 


Empowering movement, expanding reach:

Not only did 50 participants embrace the challenge, creating a sense of community and accountability, but the $1,500 generated provided a valuable financial boost. More importantly, the challenge empowered participants to overcome their obstacles and find daily movement, leaving them feeling more confident, energized, and connected to their bodies.

Ready to launch your own online challenge? Contact Vidzing today and see how we can help you reach financial bliss!

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