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Red won't slow us down

AAF channel on Vidzing

This summer in Auckland’s been a bit gross lately. Hot. Sticky. Omicrony.

Our beloved Auckland Arts Festival was heartbroken this week to announce 51 of its live shows can’t go ahead, 

making this the third year they’ve had to pull their soul-quenching offering of the arts to help keep everyone safe.

But there’s one place Omicron can’t cancel our spirits. It’s the Internet. And we’re ecstatic at Vidzing to help 11 of the remaining performances go on.

If you’re an artist, please don’t give up. We need you! And we can help:

  1. We keep it free and easy
    It’s fast to sign up and set up, and we’re free for creators and artists.
  2. You own all your content, sales, viewers and data
    That’s the way it should be, but other platforms might disagree!
  3. Set your prices, or let your patrons choose
    You’re a business, after all. It’s up to you how you sell your content.
  4. Production partners can step in
    Up your production value. We know some real pros.
  5. No ads
    Enough said.

Where to begin? Stream a jam session where loyal fans can give you tips. Keep the stage up and broadcast that fashion show or festival. Take your places and recite all those lines you rehearsed all summer to deliver the way that you do. 

The whole nation can be your audience now, so run the red and get thinking, baby! The options are as colourful as your imagination, no matter the traffic light.