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Hey Coaches! Here's how to launch your first online course

Have you ever dreamt of turning your in-person magic into an impactful online course? Maybe you've got a workshop that consistently wows attendees, but haven't quite cracked the code to translate it into digital gold? 

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Well, fret no more! Use this as your roadmap to course creation success, packed with actionable steps to transform your workshop into a revenue-generating online powerhouse.

Step 1: Convert an existing in-person workshop into a takeaway freebie

  1. Talk through your in-person workshop to a camera
  2. Ignore the production quality just focus on the content
  3. Use a simple format. E.g. 8x 5min videos (keep it under 1 hour)
  4. Give it away for FREE to your current in-person class as their takeaway freebie
  5. Get feedback from the class to refine the course version
  6. Get testimonials from happy students for the future launch of the course

By leveraging your existing knowledge and engaging your current audience, you can test the waters of online course creation, gather valuable insights, and build a foundation for a successful paid launch!


Step 2: Refine your course with student feedback (free and powerful!)

Schedule calls: Reach out to a few students who've been given the course. Offer a quick chat to gather their valuable insights.


Ask insightful questions: Use these prompts to unlock a goldmine of information:

  • What's your background? (Job, hobby? Identify ideal students)
  • What problem were you facing? (Pain points your course addresses)
  • What solutions had you tried? (Differentiate your course's value)
  • What resonated most in the course? (Highlight key takeaways)
  • Did you have any unanswered questions? (Identify gaps and improve content)
  • (Bonus!) What price would you have paid? (Gauge perceived value and get a price in mind)



  • Uncover hidden gems: Student feedback reveals areas that resonate and those requiring improvement.
  • Sharpen your message: Gain a clearer understanding of who your course truly benefits.
  • Boost perceived value: Highlight specific benefits students experienced and how your course solves their problems.
  • Get a free promo video: Cut the one on one conversation up into a 5 minute promotional video that:
    • Identifies the avatar your course best serves (Q1)
    • Highlights problems that your course solves for them (Q2)
    • Differentiate's your course from other solutions (Q3)

Investing time in your students' experience leads to a more compelling course that attracts ideal clients!


Step 3: Hook 'Em Early - Attract future students with a powerful course Lead Magnet webinar

  1. Focus on the Problem: Dedicating your webinar to the very problem your course solves is key. Highlight the struggles and challenges your ideal clients face.
  2. Showcase Your Expertise: Demonstrate your deep understanding of the issue. Show relevant videos (e.g., client struggles), walkthroughs of common pitfalls, and the underlying causes behind the problem.
  3. Offer Tactical Solutions: Don't leave attendees empty-handed! Present some actionable steps to address the problem, whetting their appetite for a more comprehensive solution (your course!).
  4. Create Craving for More: By showcasing the complexities of the issue, you'll leave viewers with more questions than answers. Their desire for a complete solution will naturally lead them to your course!
  5. Bonus: Capture Valuable Leads! Utilize a webinar registration platform to collect email addresses of interested attendees. This goldmine of leads forms the foundation for promoting your upcoming course!


By addressing your ideal client's core problem and offering a taste of your expertise, a course lead magnet webinar fuels excitement and sets the stage for a successful launch!


Step 4 (final step): Launch your course like a Pro - Strategic timing tips!

Timing is everything, especially when launching your online course. Here are some strategic ways to leverage industry trends and maximize enrolment:




Remember, the key is to leverage your existing knowledge, engage your audience, and refine your offering based on valuable feedback. With these steps as your guide, you're well on your way to becoming a course creation star!