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Revolutionizing Dance Filming: From 3-Month Post Production to Instant Access!

Discover how a dance studio eliminated months of post-production work and instantly provided families with the final footage of their performances using Vidzing.

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Dance Show Digital Evolution

Traditional video post production for this dance studio, with its time-consuming editing and high costs, meant families waited until February to relive the end-of-year shows. Vidzing introduced a swift solution.


A Revolutionary Solution: Live Streaming the Performances

Vidzing brought them a digital revolution - The old-school 2-3 month post production process was replaced by live streaming performances and endless replay. Using a setup with a static HD camera and a close-up camera feeding into an encoding switcher, families could instantly purchase and access the live stream, with ongoing access to the replay!


Explore New Avenues, Reap the Rewards

Vidzing encourages dance studios to think big in the digital landscape. Explore ways to add value online and thrive in this new era. Through live streams, educational content and beyond, Vidzing allows you to broaden your dance studios revenue streams. If you need guidance or a starting point, reach out to us at Vidzing—we're here to help you envision the future of your dance studio.