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Partnership Pay Off: Partnering for Success in Live Streaming Events

Partnerships are powerful and they pay off, and that's exactly what we proved when we worked with a well-known AV production company.


We collaborated with an AV production company engaged with both a prominent fight sports organization and a major corporate conference.

Fight Night Goes Global

The fight sports company had already sold out its in-person tickets for an upcoming event and sought to further boost revenue.

Employing our service, they swiftly set up a live stream, adding an extra $15,000 in ticket sales over the two-day event. Our partner, who facilitated the connection, earned $1125, half of our 15% transaction fee.

Corporate Connections Made Easy

Meanwhile, the corporate conference aimed to broaden its audience reach and offer a convenient “watch from anywhere” option.

Through our partnership, they implemented a private gated stream, requiring registration and featuring custom branding consistent with their corporate identity. With a tailored fee of $999 for this personalized streaming service, our partner received $499 as a referral commission.


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