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Using music: what’s copyright (or wrong)?

It’s usually pretty clear how to be a law abiding citizen. But when it comes to putting music to online content, the dance floor’s a little less familiar and you can easily trip over your feet.

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To avoid stepping on other artist’s toes (and lawyers), it’s important to know what you can and can’t do with music you didn’t make, and how to get a licence for what you need. 

Like all creators, music makers may be entitled to royalties or remuneration for their work. Sounds fair to us! The licence you need and what it will cost depends on what, how, where and when you use the copyrighted material, and there’s more than one place to get licensed.


Cease and desist!

There’s no need to figure it all out. Not if you’re livestreaming with us, anyway. 

When you livestream on Vidzing, you’re now automatically covered by our blanket music licence. Woohoo! It applies to your live event PLUS the next 48 hours of replay. Chat with us if you need something more or something else.

So turn it up and get footloose! Now you can relax, and make some other kinda trouble.

Think Big.

And enjoy :)