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Product Update: Lead Magnets

Feel like you need a final push to convert your audience to customers? Want to grow your database to drive marketing and engagement? Lead Magnets are a powerful tool to bridge the gap by nurturing fans into leads, then into potential customers. 

Product Update Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets are short, high-value videos that offer a taste of your expertise, and entice viewers to learn more. The key? It's free, but it requires entering an email address to access.

We've designed our Lead Magnets so that an email address must be entered at some point within the first 60 seconds of a video, with its timing specifically selected by you. Once a viewer has entered their email address they are able to continue watching and absorbing the value that you provide.


Crafting your Lead Magnet:

  • Keep it short and sweet: Aim for 2-5 minutes to hold attention without giving away too much
  • Focus on a specific problem: Identify a common pain point for your audience and offer a solution
  • Deliver actionable insights: Provide viewers with valuable takeaways they can implement easily and quickly
  • Build anticipation before the email blocker: Ensure your content before the email block entices your audience to keep watching

How do I create a Lead Magnet?

  1. Head back into the Creator Portal and Create Content
  2. Select Lead Magnet as your content type, and give the video a name, description, image etc
  3. Open Lead Magnet settings, set Enable Lead Capture to yes, and alter the popup text and time if necessary
  4. Once the Lead Magnet is live, collected email addresses can be found within Ticketing