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Product Update: Free Tickets

There are many reasons why you, as a Creator, might want to give people free access to your paid content. Did you know that you can do that directly from the Creator Portal?

Free Tickets (2)

Our Creators have sent Free Tickets to their customers for a wide variety of reasons, as they are a powerful sales and marketing tool. Check out some examples of how our Creators have used Free Tickets in the past:

  • Offering free access to content for customers who have used their in-person services
  • Creating an upsell offer - e.g. purchase 2 courses and get a 3rd for free
  • Give free access to a week long pass to encourage potential customers to purchase an ongoing subscription

How do I send a Free Ticket?

  1. Head back into the Creator Portal, and look for the Ticketing tab on the left hand side of your dashboard
  2. Free Tickets can be sent for content, subscriptions and passes - choose which of these best suit, and then find the selected content/subscription/pass to give access to
  3. Enter in the customers email address, or use our template to bulk upload multiple emails
  4. Free tickets will be sent to those email addresses, where customers can sign up and access the content